There are often many threats to our success in life, but they aren’t all equal in their actual impact on our lives. That’s because there is one threat that is, from every objective measure, a deadly killer to your success.

In fact, this threat left untreated is one that over time, has killed more dreams and more careers than any other combination of threats combined.

Over the years I’ve identified many threats and obstacles to success that need to be overcome. Anyone who’s ever done a decent SWAT analysis can easily identify most of them. …

Many people think billionaires are unusual creatures that are born different from the rest of us. Maybe that’s true and maybe it’s not but the truth is it doesn’t really matter.

What’s most important to understand is that billionaires have a different way of thinking about the world that we can all learn from. People that have extraordinary results in life typically do things differently from most people. And the reason they do things differently is that they think differently.

We may not all be cut out to be a billionaire, but many of us can be much more successful…

Most business owners know they have to consider customer preferences when it comes to things like product design, store hours, and their social media channels. But you may not have considered how your target demographic feels about the payment systems your business offers.

That’s because most businesses choose the payment methods they offer based on convenience. For instance, many companies are choosing cashless commerce because it reduces fraud, is more convenient, and improves overall efficiency.

And this may be a particularly good choice for your business, especially if your store or site sells a high volume of items that cost…

Based on how many business meetings I’ve attended in my career you’d think I’d be a meeting guru. You’d think I’d have mastered the dark arts of meeting leadership and engagement and knock it out of the park every time.

But the truth is I still have moments when I struggle in the art of leading productive meetings.

It’s not so much that I struggle in the dynamics of what makes for a meaningful and productive meeting but rather it is often the soft skills of meeting leadership that lead us off the rails into the unproductive dialog, complaining and…

Sometimes the most difficult person to love in our lives is ourselves.

Several years ago, I was having dinner with a few good friends and we were discussing “self-care” It’s a trending topic these days and we were exploring ideas and concepts that were practical. The usual suspects emerged such as yoga, meditation, massages, spa treatments, etc.

These are all good things and I avail myself of them from time to time and I try to incorporate meditation in my daily life. However, something much more meaningful and profound was revealed.

After these discussions, it occurred to me that if…

There will always be those who don't believe in you or your dreams.

Worse yet, they will laugh at you and your passion for something.

They will say that you are crazy for trying and it’s better to just quit. Still, others will say you are too self-absorbed or full of yourself; You think you’re special.

And yes, there will be those too, cherished loved ones and friends, who will choose to leave you and your journey and your friendship. And of all the complications of life, this can be the most painful.

But, there is a simple and easy…

Believe it or not but strong leadership teams don’t just materialize. They are built by clear expectations and a true desire to serve, to teach, and to learn. And what I’ve learned is that the desire to accomplish the above has to start with me.

After years of developing and leading high-performance teams, I’ve learned that I have to take an active role in my leadership team's personal development. I can’t expect that they’ll just go off on their own and develop themselves into an amazing team of high performers without any guidance on my part.

That would be as…

What do personal growth, positive change, and accomplishment all have in common? Well, many things, but one thing is for certain, they all require discipline. The only problem is that so many of us have a negative association with the word discipline.

For some people, the word discipline conjures up images of a military-style boot camp. Other people think of discipline as punishment, reminiscent of their childhood or they see it as some type of deprivation that requires some extraordinary levels of stamina or endurance.

All of these may be true to a small degree or under specific circumstances but…

I’ve known for a long time that I’m a staunch card-carrying member of the Perfectionist “Party.” I’ve carried it like a badge of honor and I’ve had the swagger to back it up. That is, of course, until I realized just how toxic Perfectionism truly is.

A little context…

I’ve devoted a lot of time over the years training leadership teams and engaging in leadership development activities with supervisors, managers, and direct reports and one topic always humbles me when we discuss it in our group settings: Perfectionism.

To be honest, what humbles me most is how many people I’ve…

There was a time in my life, not so long ago, when I thought the meaning of a successful life was about how many things I could acquire based on the size of my paycheck and the title on my business card.

I worked 60 hours a week, traveled to far off places and had important meetings with important people. I made bonuses and received a lot of appreciation from associates and peers. I was definitely on the fast track.

After a time, I thought I was the track.

I didn’t neglect my family, but I did believe that my…

Brian Johnson

Technology Innovation Strategist & Change Manager: Influencing and helping others to reach their full potential through intentional improvement.

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